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migration agent melbourne
migration agent melbourne

Our Areas Of Expertise

Helping You To Find Your Way

Through The Visa Complexities

Australian migration and visa policies are constantly changing and they confuse even the most experienced migration agent and immigration lawyer.

At Calibre, we are trained to do diligent research on your case to find out the most suitable pathway based on your circumstances. 

Also, under Australian law, only registered migration agents with a registration number are legally qualified to provide migration advice and assistance.

We urge you to be careful about who you seek advice from and do not blindly believe things you hear from friends and even family because everyone’s situation is different and the law frequently changes!

Migration agent melbourne
Migration agent melbourne

A Good Migration Agent

Saves You Time And Money

Did you know that a well-prepared application can get up to a 33% quicker processing time?

With the right documents prepared in the required format, our migration agents aim to submit “decision-ready” applications to get a positive outcome in the shortest time possible.

Also, the right pathway recommended by a good migration agent can save you thousands of dollars in application fees and months of uncertainty!

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One Chance At Permanent Residency

Might Be All You Have

With the frequent law changes, many people have missed out on their one chance to get Australian Permanent Residency (PR).

For example, 1st July 2018 saw the reduction of age limit from 50 to 45 for skilled visas and PR work visas, where many people were caught off-guard and did not have enough time to properly prepare their applications.

When it comes to Australia migration matters, there is no such thing as “too early” because the whole procedure consists of a few critical steps and must be done in a certain order. Therefore, protect yourself and your future by speaking with us so that we can help to project manage the entire process and take the stress off you!

migration agent melbourne
migration agent melbourne

The Importance Of

Getting It Right The First Time

Here are a few reasons why you must get it right the first time:

  1. Visa application fees are expensive (Up to 5 digits) and there is no refund for a failed application.
  2. If the law changes before your visa application is lodged, you might not be eligible anymore. As explained above, ONE CHANCE might be all you have!
  3. Visa applications take months and up to years before they are given an outcome. If your visa is refused, you might have to leave Australia which you have already settled down in and call “home”.
  4. If your visa application fails, you will have to pay a migration agent or lawyer to apply again. This is in addition to the visa application fees and other miscellaneous costs.

Therefore, it’s your responsibility to make the right choice by engaging a quality migration agent to take care of your matter!

All-Inclusive Services At One Fixed Fee

Client Testimonials

Calibre Migration has made a very cumbersome process very easy. They are very professional and prompt, highly recommend for any immigration purposes. Special thanks to Pak! Best migration agent Melbourne!

Jon C, 457 Visa

Thanks to Pak and Chang’s professional advice, my son is now an Australian resident and our family can be together in Australia. Will definitely recommend their services to everyone who needs a good migration agent in melbourne!

Soo E, Skilled Visa

Pak did my Resident Return Visa when I needed to travel urgently and I was not sure how the system works. He explained the whole concept of the RRV being a travel facility and I was so relieved when it was approved very quickly. If you need a migration agent in Melbourne, you will not regret engaging Calibre Migration!

Jamie L, Resident Return Visa

Just had my case settled recently by Calibre Migration. I’m really grateful for their professional and excellent services provided. Also, I’d have to say, they’re very efficient and responsive to get in touch with any question I had doubts on, clearing it in no time for me. I’ve been stress-free all the time throughout my case handled by Calibre Migration who I really believe are the best migration agents in Melbourne. I have used other migration agents in Melbourne before and was faced with refusals but Calibre Migration managed to save the situation for me in a short period of time. Truly appreciative and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jun Yip S

Why Choose Us?

How Are We Different (MUST READ)


Although it seems like a simple word that people casually throw around, we can further explain it through 4 fundamental principles that we practise:

  1. Honest Advice – Having been in this industry for years, we have seen dishonest migration agents and immigration lawyers recommending longer pathways so that they can earn more money from their clients. This is unacceptable to us.
  2. Care For Clients – We put your interests first. By thoroughly understanding your situation and preferences, we tailor a pathway for you and your family so that you can get to your goals in the shortest time possible, within your budget and with the highest success rate.
  3. Care For Staff – We take care of our people so that they take care of our clients. Also, we have small teams working on each case so that there will always be someone contactable if you need to discuss your matter with us.
  4. Fair Fees – We talk value, not price. Just like buying anything else, good things don’t come cheap but not necessarily expensive. Therefore, we are definitely not the cheapest but you will be getting the most value for your money.

Ultimately, your future is worth way more than a few thousand dollars that can be earned back in one or two months. If you have already spoken to someone for  advice, there is no harm speaking to us as well. Just like seeing another doctor for second opinion, migration is a life-changing issue and you should do your due diligence in engaging a reliable agent.

migration agent melbourne

What You Will Discover In A $99 Consultation

  • Your visa options and eligibility
  • Our recommended pathway based on your situation and preferences
  • An accurate disclosure of all costs
  • How we can speed up the visa process for you
  • Any other complexities that might arise

If you are looking for a reliable and honest migration agent in Melbourne, you have come to the right place.

Simply fill up the form below and our migration agents will be in touch with you within 1 business hour to arrange the consultation.

Once again, immigration laws are constantly changing so you should always seek professional advice ASAP.

We look forward to taking care of you and your visa matter!

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